Friday, March 27, 2015

week 10

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

Okay… for those of you keeping track, you caught me.  There may just be a two week gap in my numbers, but really… who's counting?  Fostering "chicken little" has kept us busy, busy.  She is only 14 months old, so her energy is go-go-go!!  Well let's just say, she makes me run (and walk) quite a bit faster…  Now even though I may have a small time gap in my good deeds, doesn't mean I didn't still practice doing them.  I said hi to strangers, opened doors for others, waved at people in traffic (while trying to set aside road rage… yes, it can be a struggle), donated my time, shopped local, played outside, practiced patience… well, you get the idea.  Alrighty then, here we go- more suggestions from my journal: One Good Deed a Day!

64. mar 19. swap life stories with someone you don't know very well » When we laid Grace to rest, there was one person in particular that left me a voice message… It was so kind, and heartfelt, and from someone I've actually never even met.  Somehow she just knew all the right things to say.  It made me cry.  The sincerity in her voice… well it's just really heartwarming when you don't feel so alone, and someone takes the time to provide comfort when you really need it.  I decided to call her today and tell her just how much her words meant to me that day…  We laughed and we cried and we talked for hours sharing stories.  We discovered a lot of similarities in our lives, and we both agreed that there is a special kindredness in our spirits, that somehow drew us to each other.
65. mar 20. when you are inspired to say something nice, say it. » We went to my Dad's to celebrate Norouz, which is the Persian New Year, along with his birthday.  His wife, and my dear friend, went all out.  Everything looked beautiful!  She made a variety of yummie treats from scratch, which she spent all day making, for her first time ever!  It was really wonderful to have the family together, and I am so grateful she has come into our lives.
66. mar 21. recycle » I'm really jealous that we STILL do not have curbside recycling yet… but we will continue to do our part, sort it all out, and take it to the next town over.  You should too.

67. mar 22. plant a seed tree » (or two!!)  Super excited to say we planted our first Redbud, the Oklahoma state tree!  Along with a pretty peach tree, we look forward to seeing a few blooms and some green leaves waving hello in the wind outside our windows!
68. mar 23. thank someone for something you usually take for granted » We are incredibly lucky to have so much family nearby (and handy too!)…  Over the weekend, our sprinkler system decided to EXPLODE.  Seriously what a gross mess.  Family came to the rescue, helping us get the situation under control, allowing my hubby to focus on finding a solution.  Family also made us dinner after taking advantage of their showers.  We often expect family to just step up in our time of need, but it's really important to take the time & actually thank them for getting us out of crisis mode or lending a helping hand.  
69. mar 24. bless your interruptions as an opportunity to take a deep breath and smile » the girls (and more recently, their brothers too) come to play with "chicken little" quite often.  It is never planned, and at random times throughout the day… but their visits never cease to bring a huge smile to my face.
70. mar 25. establish an emergency plan with your family or friends » It's tornado season people.  Stay safe and more importantly, have a plan (that includes your furry loved ones)!!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

week 9

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

57. feb 26. tell your dentist you appreciate him » Yes… I'm pretty sure I am the only weirdo that loves going to the dentist, but I do love me some clean teeth!!
58. feb 27. foster a kitten or puppy » teeny, tiny, baby steps…  but it's pretty impossible to look at her & not love her sweet, mischievous little face.
59. feb 28. strike up a conversation with the person working the cash register » We learned today that our cashier is a retired Marine, served in Vietnam, and moved here from Boulder, Colorado.  All because I made the comment that most people look at us like we are crazy when we say we will bag our own groceries- to which he responded, it's pretty common in Colorado
60. mar 1. wake up thirty minutes earlier and get some exercise » and on a Sunday too, yeah buddy!
61. mar 2. clean up someone else's mess » Persian food is an all day cooking event that tends to get every pot, dish, & spoon in the house dirty (or maybe that's just because my hubby is the one making it…).  And although I may complain a lot about the aftermath of the kitchen once he is finished- ummmmm yeah…. not today people!!
62. mar 3. get some fresh air » lots of weird weather in Oklahoma, gotta get out there & enjoy it while you can!
63. mar 4. start a list of books you'd like to read for fun » lots of Dean Koontz in there lately…  Also recently picked up a book called Mosquitoland, by David Arnold (I'm not gonna lie, I kinda bought it because I love the cover, obviously… ).  Any other suggestions for me??

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

o'city st. patrick's day parade

Oh boy… I hope you're wearing your green today!!  (I have my pinchers ready, so watch out!)  Of course one special day of wearing green, pretty much isn't any different from any other day of mine…  But I did get to spend my Saturday loving up on a few extra cute weimies…  (You guessed it.  Day made.)  My family joined the Heartland Weimaraner Rescue group, and we got all decked out (humans and pups alike) & we marched (got pulled, trotted…) along the streets of downtown Oklahoma City for this year's annual St. Patty's Day Parade.

We even took 2nd in best dressed, yeah buddy!  Okay now, this may be just one of the reasons why…    
And if that doesn't put a huge smile on your face, well here's a few other favorites from the day!

Okay, not a weimaraner… but my sexy hubby in his green afro, well I'm really digging the vibe here…  
Of course you know I couldn't forget "chicken little"… I put on my mom hat & made her cute little outfit :)

You better believe there's a whole lot more cuteness & tutus & bowties & sequins to be witnessed from this day's festivities… so grab yourself a green beer & be sure to check out the rest!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

chicken little

I've recently been offering help to a local Weimaraner Rescue.  When I filled out the volunteer form, I mentioned that we wouldn't be able to foster just yet, thinking it was a bit too soon, but I really wanted to help out in other ways… fundraising, transporting, etc.  They immediately responded, asking if I could design a tee for their upcoming St. Patty's Day Parade.  The next thing I know, emails are coming back to back to back- needing transports and fosters for several different dogs… (because now I'm on the volunteer list, you see).  The email requesting help with transporting a pup had already been filled by the time it reached my eyes, however there were still a few dogs needing foster homes…  I left one of the emails in my inbox, but didn't respond to it right away, thinking someone else will scoop her right up.  But as the day went on, for some reason, my thoughts often wandered back to her.  I eventually asked where she was located and if anyone had stepped up to help her yet, to which came the reply, she's in OKC and no.  

This, of course, stirred my becomingly familiar, all too often, anxiety to the surface again… causing my heart to hammer in my chest once more.  I realized sadness was slowly becoming my new way of life.  And knowing I've always had a passion for animals, could I make the decision to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart and offer my help?

We decided to reply yes.  To try.  Fostering would consist of four weeks.  Get to know her.  Welcome her into our home.  Yes, another weim.  My emotions were all over the place.  We hadn't even seen another weim in person…  Her picture was mostly of her face, so I knew she was the same color as Grace, but not too many other details.  On the drive over to meet her, the first song we heard after Gracie's passing began to hum over the radio.  (We hear it pretty much every single car ride we take, no matter the hour or day.)  Well that started the tears again…  After meeting her & bringing her home, well… there were just so many bittersweet moments.

The first few days proved a little bit scary and overwhelming for her, and we started to lovingly call her "chicken little."  She's just such a shy, sweet, timid little thing.  But of course she really thinks her name is "good girl."  With each day that passes, she comes out of her shell a little more.  I have no doubt Grace is whispering in her sweet gigantic ear… okay now, so listen up real good, here's how you get them wrapped around your big furry paw.

Our crazy Oklahoma- windy, freezing, sleeting, snowy, icy, winter- weather doesn't seem to bother her in the least bit.  She actually loves to take curious little bites out of the snow.  She literally prances around the yard, checking everything out…  And the next thing you know she is frozen to her spot- pointing, always pointing…  It's really funny to see- she doesn't seem to know whether to point with the front leg or the back one… but she always has to have one off the ground (with her face full of snow, of course).  Oh and you can bet she is pretty darn cute (I mean, let's be serious- it may be safe to say, she knows this).

We are discovering more and more about her sweet, playful personality each passing day she spends with us.  But more importantly, what I'm discovering about myself- is that a life without paw prints in it, is a life lived less full.

Friday, March 6, 2015

week 8

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

50. feb 19. play a song you love as loudly as you want » lately that song has been Photograph, by Ed Sheeran… manages to make me smile & cry at the same time.
51. feb 20. donate to a charity that benefits animals or children » I have been doing this to help raise money for Wonder Weims Rescue for the past several years now.  They host an annual auction, and I am happy to help by donating weimie artwork of my Gracie girl…  This year I decided to donate something a little different which will end up being a custom piece for the winner.  You may remember the many terms of endearment I have for Grace, and now another lucky person will have personalized artwork with all their baby's nicknames to hang on their wall as well.
52. feb 21. leave a treat on your coworker's desk buy extra girl scout cookies and give a box to a friend » We all know it's a limited time when the girl scout cookies come out…  And always right after a diet is started, yes??  But we still can't resist purchasing those delicious thin mints, can we?  Great thing is, they are perfect stored & enjoyed fresh from the freezer.  Now I recently had a friend show up with a few boxes before I even saw a girl scout selling…  So today when I visited the grocery store, I bought extra and decided to pay it forward by sharing with a couple special people in my life.
53. feb 22. take out the garbage, without being asked » The hubby and I are usually pretty good at helping each other out, or not having too many gender assumed roles in our household.  (He usually cooks, and is damn good at it I might add!)  But when it comes to the garbage, he is generally on top of it, and has it out to the curb before I can even ask.  Every now and then I like to return the favor, and today happened to be one of those days.
54. feb 23. get a library card » Okay, so I actually have had a library card pretty much since we moved back to the states.  And last year I discovered an app for my iPad/Kindle that lets you check out books from your local library (with said library card).  And even though I still prefer the feel of a good book in my hands… well this has been a wonderful little discovery!  I've read more than I have in ages… and it's a lot lighter to throw an iPad in your bag than 3 or 4 books, so that works!
55. feb 24. spell-check and proofread before you send » seriously people.
56. feb 25. listen to a solicitor's whole pitch (even if you're planning to say no) » I know this one is hard.  I used to always give common courtesy until I felt a few people weren't "soliciting" with good intentions… some we even later found out to be scams.  But I am trying to put my faith in others that they are doing this for the right reasons.  And if nothing else, maybe they need the money more than I do.

Sharing an image from last summer's float trip… although somehow I feel this better reflects the cold winter weather Oklahoma has been experiencing lately.  Stay warm friends.