Thursday, March 19, 2015

week 9

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

57. feb 26. tell your dentist you appreciate him » Yes… I'm pretty sure I am the only weirdo that loves going to the dentist, but I do love me some clean teeth!!
58. feb 27. foster a kitten or puppy » teeny, tiny, baby steps…  but it's pretty impossible to look at her & not love her sweet, mischievous little face.
59. feb 28. strike up a conversation with the person working the cash register » We learned today that our cashier is a retired Marine, served in Vietnam, and moved here from Boulder, Colorado.  All because I made the comment that most people look at us like we are crazy when we say we will bag our own groceries- to which he responded, it's pretty common in Colorado
60. mar 1. wake up thirty minutes earlier and get some exercise » and on a Sunday too, yeah buddy!
61. mar 2. clean up someone else's mess » Persian food is an all day cooking event that tends to get every pot, dish, & spoon in the house dirty (or maybe that's just because my hubby is the one making it…).  And although I may complain a lot about the aftermath of the kitchen once he is finished- ummmmm yeah…. not today people!!
62. mar 3. get some fresh air » lots of weird weather in Oklahoma, gotta get out there & enjoy it while you can!
63. mar 4. start a list of books you'd like to read for fun » lots of Dean Koontz in there lately…  Also recently picked up a book called Mosquitoland, by David Arnold (I'm not gonna lie, I kinda bought it because I love the cover, obviously… ).  Any other suggestions for me??


  1. Love your fun ideas! I have done a few and plan to do more!

    1. I told you I totally want you to join me for that one I was telling you about… It makes me giddy thinking about it :)

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