Wednesday, July 13, 2016

bloom with grace...

I stumbled across this pretty wallpaper at just the right moment in my life.  A beautiful artist named Mable created it for people like you and me.

I mentioned to her:
This is just so perfect seeing this right now…  I’ve been seeing a rose bloom through a fence lately…  It’s a spot my ol’ girl used to lay down and rest during her morning walks…  I keep meaning to take a pic & had planned to post with the saying “bloom where you are planted” but I’d never heard the addition of “bloom with grace.”  That was her name… it brings tears to my eyes.  Happy tears.  Thank you so much for this wallpaper.  It made my day. ~n

You see, yesterday was my Grace's sweet 16.  My heart never stops aching for her.  I miss her face so much, but I love knowing her beautiful spirit is always with me...  Happy birthday pretty baby.

Please check out Mable Tan and all her stunning artwork.  Plus for the month of July, she has free downloadable wallpapers… You will love them!