Wednesday, June 25, 2014

a few of my favorite grams...

So… I don't think I've mentioned that Instagram is one of my favorite & quickest go-to's for documenting and sharing our travels and day-to-day memories… or wait, maybe I have a few times, haha.  Now if you are a lover as much as me, then you MUST check out copygram -a company based in Sweden, with an eye for artistic perfection.  For my first purchase, I decided to go with the 4x4" matte 300 gram cardstock.  The best part? -they put all the pertinents on the backside.  Date, location, & even your written sentiments… perfect for recalling the memory of that special moment you captured, so when you feel like reminiscing… all the details are there!  They are so clever.  

Gracie's first ride in a convertible, complete with winding German roads. 
A few random chairs in… hmmmm, where was that again?  Oh wait, just flip over the card… and yep, there it is… those chairs were in lovely San Gimignano!!  
Cochem Castle silhouetted by the gorgeous sky, during our cruise along the Mosel River.
A few vintage street signs at a local Oklahoma salvage yard.
Bierre vom Faß :: translation- beer on tap, need I say more?
Oh & that time I went to Oktoberfest and did a jumpshot in front of a ferris wheel with my sis!

a handwritten menu, from an amazing little restaurant nestled next to the Mediterranean in the south of France… first time I ever tried mussels, and they were yumtown.
Sunflower fields (or "girasole" as they say) in the Tuscan countryside.
my sweet Gracie girl… Oklahoma sunsets… doorways in Siena… 
I even spy a piece of my alma mater… BOOMER.  Campus Corner, University of Oklahoma.

Oh just a few vintage CHAIRS that really wanted to come home with me… 
A handful of my all time favorite family snapshots atop our hand-stitched wedding quilt.
Grace snoozing… you know, the usual.
Visiting Volterra, one of the many hillside villages in Tuscany!!

Oklahoma ice storms, the Tuscan countryside, jumping & celebration, Deutschland castles, fests & more fests, good times with FRIENDS, walks with Grace, windows & shutters & doors- oh my!! beachside sunbrellas in France, springtime blooms & wandering butterflies, colorful little German villages, Florida starfish, naptime & playtime, FAMILY. College Graduation, Italian Cathedrals, sweater weather & the changing autumn leaves, Oktoberfest, those matchstick trees in Austria, HAPPY vintage finds, train rides thru Europe, parked vespas & pretty window boxes, wine tasting & olive picking, new business ventures, daytime exploring, the golden hour, farmer's markets in the piazzas of Italy… It's these treasured moments… looking back, experiencing & loving LIFE!!  I mean… so many pretty places I never even would have imagined visiting, and yet somehow we were able… And these little coffee table copygram gems make looking back so much fun & an even better conversation piece when sharing the memories with family & friends.  
So what are you waiting for?  Go get yours!!