» n e l o u

ten random things about me:
one.  my dog is my favorite person
two.  green is my signature color
three.  socks need not match and should always be patterned
four.  I heart photography, graphics, architecture, & design
five.  chairs are a HUGE weakness
six.  I'm often seen with a cup of coffee in hand
seven.  I'm obsessed with flea markets
eight.  I am in love with europe
nine.  random should probably be my middle name, along with procrastination
ten.  I'm def a dot dot dot kind of girl

three years later & ten more random things about me… 
eleven.  I don't have a middle name 
twelve.  I brake for turtles & will block traffic when doing so
thirteen.  I'm a perfectionist, seriously obsessing over every. single. detail.
fourteen.  for real… I've spent entirely too much time on this list
fifteen.  I've always felt like a misfit. I kinda want to start a club.
sixteen.  marzipan is soooooooo yummie.  oh & cheese.
seventeen.  also I may or may not occasionally hide chocolate in my nightstand
eighteen.  I married a very good man
nineteen.  on our honeymoon, I swam TOWARDS a shark, just to get a photo
twenty.  oh… and I enjoy leaping, just whenever the moment strikes me