Tuesday, March 25, 2014

social media buttons: clean & simple.

So along with my new simpler, redesign… I am smiling ear to ear about my new, colorful social media buttons!  I know!  fun stuff.  Changing my layout and widening the right column allowed me to squeeze them together, so they could all be one big happy family!  And with just a little bit of Photoshop and HTML knowledge, you can customize them to your heart's content!  

which of course means my little share buttons needed some updating as well… 
a big thanks to the blog decorator for her great little tutorial on the subject!

we go together...

like frank & beans.
except, well… I'm nelou.  wink wink.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

moving forward.

Pretty new and exciting things have been happening over at {little.green.bird}…
Starting with a brand new name!

» n e l o u G R A C E «

plus a clean & simple new look:
I am so grateful that {little.green.bird} got me started on the world wide web, and has taken me as far as it has, however after realizing the web presence I wanted would not be achievable, I began turning my gears in search of something new I could love a little bit more.  I've always felt a very personal pull in my work & have always had the desire to somehow tie my name to my brand.  So in true college-style fashion, I began brainstorming with a few close friends (there may have been a few bubble diagrams in there somewhere).  One of which has an WONDERFUL talent for hand lettering!  Yeah… I'm pretty sure she doodled this on a napkin during one of our many phone chats- and in that moment, I knew I had a name.
Obviously, »nelou is my first name, but did you also know this?  As for the grace«, you can read a little of the backstory here.  Of course until the handwritten version is ready… I needed to come up with something similar so that I could keep moving forward with the rebrand.
I love the simplicity.

Perfect timing, really… fresh, just in time for spring.  I've had a year to settle, adjust to life back home, and tend to a few personal matters which required a bit of my time.

So a few things have changed (and a few more things are still in the works)… in the meantime, take a moment and have a look around, and as always… I hope you enjoy what you see!