Saturday, October 3, 2015

swimming lessons...

Everyone says Weimaraners are natural born swimmers… Yeah, False.  Grace was not so amazing at it, especially considering her first time in the water was jumping from our boat- all because she was just that excited to be with her dad…  And our little Penny baby seems to be following right along in her older sister's footsteps.  You see, the first time she finally ventured out into the water, she froze like a deer in headlights… sweet girl.  She was neck deep in water and wouldn't budge an inch!  Now Birdie (totally fearless & yes… maybe a bit of a natural born swimmer) went straight out to Penny, not once, but twice- trying to coax her back to shore…  And that pretty girl absolutely refused to move a muscle- until mama came out to her rescue.  So… insert swimming lessons here.  And success!!  Our friend's pool + a lifevest, and she started paddling!!  Here's Birdie on the left and Penny on the right (sans lifejacket).  Good girls.
We also took a day trip to Lake Murray.  A little more practice & a lot more fun for everyone!
Of course they found the absolute perfect stick… which meant it had to come home with us.
Moral of the story, just because a dog has webbed feet, doesn't mean they will be amazing swimmers.  Sometimes they need a little extra help from mom and dad.

dog days of summer

Summer's coming to an end, and before I can post any of my "favorite time of year," autumn loveliness… I need to get caught up on this summer's happenings.  (Because I like to remember my life in some sort of seasonal order, and… I'm just a weirdo like that.)  But I kinda have a perfect reason for being a bit behind on my postings.  You see, I have been busy-busy-busy!!  (Lots of fun moments, but also some I want to pull my hair out and cry moments…)  I'm sure a few of you are aware that we've added four more paws to our home recently…  We've been fostering another furbaby for the last few months, which has been quite an adjustment for this girl!  I mean, it goes without saying that two one & a half year olds sure do have a ton of energy, right?  Understatement.  So say hello to our newest addition, Birdie (aka bulldozer, wrecking ball, & Tasmanian devil).  And take a peek at what these pretty little grey girls have been up to this summer!

the girls on their first (REALLY LONG) walk together
playing patty cake and hanging out in the yard
working on our manners so we can be proper patio pups!
visits with crazy aunt Frieda & a few summer storms
dog parks & lake days!! Oklahoma is HOT & we are practicing our swimming… 
And in case you wondered… Penny's the one on the left, in every single one of the two of them… RANDOM, I know.