Tuesday, April 28, 2015

week 14

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

92. apr 16. say hello to a stranger » Honestly, this is so easy & you never know when such a little gesture, such as making eye contact, smiling, and saying hello could brighten someone's day.  Do it.
93. apr 17. when someone does or says something rude or offensive, assume he/she is having a bad day and respond with compassion » Today was a day when I was doing a favor for someone that I had actually never met.  There ended up being a little confusion, and I'm pretty sure a little frustration as well.  Normally, I would respond in kind as to the mood of the conversation.  However today, I kept on my happy face and apologized for any part I may have caused in said confusion.  I also focused on making small talk that was kind and personal in nature, and wished them a good weekend.  And rather than turning sour, we were laughing and telling jokes when it was all said and done!
94. apr 18. give credit wherever you can » My sister (well actually, sis-in-law… boy, do I really confuse people on this one) has played assistant for me on a few really large shoots…  I just can't even imagine trying to do one of these without her!  I swear she is the baby/child whisperer, and has a really good eye for helping me achieve the look I want!  Thank you Sarah, for being so wonderful and helpful!!
95. apr 19. don't be overly dramatic » Another one to file in the blank pages at the end of the book, entitled what else can you do?  "Chicken Little" has a neighborhood playmate she pretty much loves…  It's another Weim- we call her Crazy Aunt Frieda, hah!  They are the cutest together, but managed to get into a teensy scuffle today.  A Hurt Feelings Report was filed, and the next day they were back to chewing sticks together… and all is well again in the neighborhood.
96. apr 20. bring your coworker a coffee local veterinary office some cookies » And take your dog!  Hey, not every vet visit needs to be a stressful stick or a poke… so make this one a social visit :)
97. apr 21. treat yourself » Hello Starbucks.
98. apr 22.  give someone one piece of constructive criticism » and don't take offense when someone gives it to you…  It's one of the best ways to grow & learn how to step outside your comfort zone.

Really missing our patio time and the redbuds already!!  Storm season has arrived…


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