Saturday, March 7, 2015

chicken little

I've recently been offering help to a local Weimaraner Rescue.  When I filled out the volunteer form, I mentioned that we wouldn't be able to foster just yet, thinking it was a bit too soon, but I really wanted to help out in other ways… fundraising, transporting, etc.  They immediately responded, asking if I could design a tee for their upcoming St. Patty's Day Parade.  The next thing I know, emails are coming back to back to back- needing transports and fosters for several different dogs… (because now I'm on the volunteer list, you see).  The email requesting help with transporting a pup had already been filled by the time it reached my eyes, however there were still a few dogs needing foster homes…  I left one of the emails in my inbox, but didn't respond to it right away, thinking someone else will scoop her right up.  But as the day went on, for some reason, my thoughts often wandered back to her.  I eventually asked where she was located and if anyone had stepped up to help her yet, to which came the reply, she's in OKC and no.  

This, of course, stirred my becomingly familiar, all too often, anxiety to the surface again… causing my heart to hammer in my chest once more.  I realized sadness was slowly becoming my new way of life.  And knowing I've always had a passion for animals, could I make the decision to pick up the shattered pieces of my heart and offer my help?

We decided to reply yes.  To try.  Fostering would consist of four weeks.  Get to know her.  Welcome her into our home.  Yes, another weim.  My emotions were all over the place.  We hadn't even seen another weim in person…  Her picture was mostly of her face, so I knew she was the same color as Grace, but not too many other details.  On the drive over to meet her, the first song we heard after Gracie's passing began to hum over the radio.  (We hear it pretty much every single car ride we take, no matter the hour or day.)  Well that started the tears again…  After meeting her & bringing her home, well… there were just so many bittersweet moments.

The first few days proved a little bit scary and overwhelming for her, and we started to lovingly call her "chicken little."  She's just such a shy, sweet, timid little thing.  But of course she really thinks her name is "good girl."  With each day that passes, she comes out of her shell a little more.  I have no doubt Grace is whispering in her sweet gigantic ear… okay now, so listen up real good, here's how you get them wrapped around your big furry paw.

Our crazy Oklahoma- windy, freezing, sleeting, snowy, icy, winter- weather doesn't seem to bother her in the least bit.  She actually loves to take curious little bites out of the snow.  She literally prances around the yard, checking everything out…  And the next thing you know she is frozen to her spot- pointing, always pointing…  It's really funny to see- she doesn't seem to know whether to point with the front leg or the back one… but she always has to have one off the ground (with her face full of snow, of course).  Oh and you can bet she is pretty darn cute (I mean, let's be serious- it may be safe to say, she knows this).

We are discovering more and more about her sweet, playful personality each passing day she spends with us.  But more importantly, what I'm discovering about myself- is that a life without paw prints in it, is a life lived less full.

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  1. I do believe she has "pawed" her way into your hearts! 🐾


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