Friday, March 6, 2015

week 8

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

50. feb 19. play a song you love as loudly as you want » lately that song has been Photograph, by Ed Sheeran… manages to make me smile & cry at the same time.
51. feb 20. donate to a charity that benefits animals or children » I have been doing this to help raise money for Wonder Weims Rescue for the past several years now.  They host an annual auction, and I am happy to help by donating weimie artwork of my Gracie girl…  This year I decided to donate something a little different which will end up being a custom piece for the winner.  You may remember the many terms of endearment I have for Grace, and now another lucky person will have personalized artwork with all their baby's nicknames to hang on their wall as well.
52. feb 21. leave a treat on your coworker's desk buy extra girl scout cookies and give a box to a friend » We all know it's a limited time when the girl scout cookies come out…  And always right after a diet is started, yes??  But we still can't resist purchasing those delicious thin mints, can we?  Great thing is, they are perfect stored & enjoyed fresh from the freezer.  Now I recently had a friend show up with a few boxes before I even saw a girl scout selling…  So today when I visited the grocery store, I bought extra and decided to pay it forward by sharing with a couple special people in my life.
53. feb 22. take out the garbage, without being asked » The hubby and I are usually pretty good at helping each other out, or not having too many gender assumed roles in our household.  (He usually cooks, and is damn good at it I might add!)  But when it comes to the garbage, he is generally on top of it, and has it out to the curb before I can even ask.  Every now and then I like to return the favor, and today happened to be one of those days.
54. feb 23. get a library card » Okay, so I actually have had a library card pretty much since we moved back to the states.  And last year I discovered an app for my iPad/Kindle that lets you check out books from your local library (with said library card).  And even though I still prefer the feel of a good book in my hands… well this has been a wonderful little discovery!  I've read more than I have in ages… and it's a lot lighter to throw an iPad in your bag than 3 or 4 books, so that works!
55. feb 24. spell-check and proofread before you send » seriously people.
56. feb 25. listen to a solicitor's whole pitch (even if you're planning to say no) » I know this one is hard.  I used to always give common courtesy until I felt a few people weren't "soliciting" with good intentions… some we even later found out to be scams.  But I am trying to put my faith in others that they are doing this for the right reasons.  And if nothing else, maybe they need the money more than I do.

Sharing an image from last summer's float trip… although somehow I feel this better reflects the cold winter weather Oklahoma has been experiencing lately.  Stay warm friends. 

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