Friday, February 6, 2015

week 4

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

22. jan 22. be quick to apologize » What to say other than I feel like every time we eat out lately, we seem to get service that could definitely be improved upon…  I know that all my nerves are completely frazzled right now, but tonight when my order was wrong, I felt like I'd had enough.  So I popped out of the booth & told the manager, not to remake my food, I didn't feel like waiting.  She said it was a super easy fix that would only take a few minutes, and she would bring it to me anyways.  She was really nice & I had to admit… we'd had a terrible week.  I accepted her sincerity and quickly said I was sorry.
23. jan 23. return all of the items you take into the dressing room to their original spots instead of leaving them in the dressing room » I used to do this all the time.  (I know. I worked retail.)  But lately I've noticed I seem to be in a rush or maybe I'm being just a bit more lazy in general… either way, this was a good reminder for today.
24. jan 24. visit an animal shelter sanctuary » Ugh this one made me cry.  I didn't want my Beans food to go to waste though, especially when I know there are so many babies out there that still need to eat.  But man oh man… giving away her food and a few of her treats was just so hard.
25. jan 25. play hooky » I'm feeling pretty slacktastic lately, and have honestly been wanting to actually play hooky from my good deeds project in general… so I'm going to act like this one counts as my good deed for today (it was in the book, after all).
26. jan 26. hand-deliver send a handwritten thank-you note » Saying thank-you with a card & a gift & flowers & food will never be enough.  Although our vet claims there is no need to keep thanking her… I disagree.  I'm sure she thinks she was just doing her job, but I KNOW it was so much more than that.  Well in advance, she helped me have a plan, prepare, and introduced me to wonderful people that would help us make sure Grace was well taken care of… (and it helped, because let's be honest, I was in complete denial that Grace would ever have to leave our world, even though we constantly joked about having her freeze-dried & stuffed, haha NO I'm not kidding).  She gave me her personal number.  She came to our house.  She hugged us & told us we were doing the right thing (even though we never actually spoke the question aloud).  She whispered sweet things to our girl.  She treated Grace & us… like family.  I couldn't have hoped for a better person to come into our lives.  The world needs more people like her.
27. jan 27. say I love you to someone you haven't said it to in a while » In all the times my hubby's job has taken him away from us… I always had Grace by my side.  And I always knew if something happened when it was just the two of us, it would have made a terrible situation that much worse.  Even though I had zero doubt I would make the right decision for my girl (whether her dad was away or not), we were incredibly lucky to have him home with us.  It has meant the world knowing I don't have to go through this alone.  My husband has been wonderful to me, even as he is grieving.  And I don't tell him often enough-- just how very grateful I am, to have him by my side now and always.
28. jan 28. brew the next pot of coffee » and share a cup & a moment with someone special.

from the archives… it was always a happy day welcoming daddy home

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