Tuesday, February 10, 2015

week 5

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

29. jan 29. pay for the car behind you at the toll booth in the drive-thru lane » Having a pikepass makes paying for the driver behind us a bit difficult, so I decided to go a step further than a toll charge, and pay for the gentleman's coffee & snack behind me as we went through the drive-thru today.
30. jan 30. teach someone one of your skills » this has been ongoing and has ranged from photography to phone to computer & graphic skills… sharing what I know has brought both joy and a few new wonderful friends into my life.
31. jan 31. write a nice little note on the check to your server » wishing you a wonderful weekend
32. feb 1. fill the printer with paper so it won't run out on the next person » easy enough.
33. feb 2. drink eight glasses of water » and be prepared to have a restroom nearby…
34. feb 3. start a recycling program at your building, school, or home » we actually started doing this years and years ago…  While living in Mustang, Oklahoma, we helped start a recycling program for our community and would volunteer from time to time.  And while we lived in Germany, it was mandatory (and should be here in the states if you ask my opinion).  And although we still do not have curbside where we currently reside, we continue to sort our recycles in bins and take them to the nearest town so that they may be made new again.
35. feb 4. tape a coupon to a product at the grocery store » I also enjoyed seeing that almost all of the coupons I taped had been utilized by other customers, when visiting the store on the following day.  Because every little bit helps.

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