Thursday, May 28, 2015

week 16

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

106. apr 30. give an anonymous donation to a person or family in need the organization or charity of your choice » I always find myself saying, I want to donate to that cause, or do something to help this cause, but never seem to get around to it…  So it's making my heart happy to know that this year, I am finally turning my words into action!
107. may 1. learn your local barista's name and use it » Hi Valerie at Starbucks in Moore!!
108. may 2. try something new » Another good deed for the back of the book!  (I mean, how is this one not in there already??)  I went to my first ever crawfish boil today!  It was fun in the sun with a few great friends.  And you know what?  I finally ate a crawfish.  I said I never would, (I think it's more about knowing the poor things were just alive), but my girlfriend was kind enough to peel me one so I could try it.  Pretty tasty!!
109. may 3. don't double book yourself » Remember, this doesn't just apply to work (as in booking two appointments at the same time).  For me it was about saying no.  And it was to my Grandmother no less (I know, I'm a terrible person!!).  She comes down to visit me quite often, but this time I asked her if she could push out her visit for a few days, because I really needed to buckle down and get some editing finished for a family session.  And because even though I know she doesn't need entertaining… I knew I would feel bad spending hours in front of the computer & not being able to chit-chat with her.  And without any distractions (except for the four-legged kind wanting to be in my lap) I actually finished earlier than expected!  
110. may 4. go to an independent bookstore, movie, or business » A big shout out to Blue Seven!  I seriously just love that place.
111. may 5. smile at kids or give them a silly face to distract them and give their parents a moment of reprieve » let's just say teething is no fun for anyone.
112. may 6. pay attention » I'm guessing this one is meant more for paying attention during a conversation, or something to that effect…  But I am using it for tornado season.  Sometimes, I just really become reliant on my hubby for weather updates, and to just keep me safe in general.  So when he isn't home, I find myself panicking a little bit more.  Our weather here in Oklahoma right now is seriously no joke.  So today, I kept my eyes glued to the news (which I NEVER watch), and prepped the storm shelter, and had a plan.  (Which included getting down there twice this evening!!)  Stay safe friends!

first ever crawfish boil, fresh from the pot!

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