Wednesday, February 25, 2015

week 7

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

43. feb 12. eat your next meal in silence (away from a computer) » and any other electronic distractions…
44. feb 13. empty the dishwasher -before anyone in your house or office has a chance to ask you to do it » Well considering I normally do this, I'm not sure if it's really a good deed, but I'll take it!
45. feb 14. be the first to apologize » I may be quick to snap lately, but I am also trying to make sure and take responsibility for my actions and any wrongdoing on my behalf…
46. feb 15. shovel the snow off your neighbor's porch salt your neighbor's driveway » Oklahoma's version of snow, usually ends up as slick & hazardous ice…  So we prepared by buying salt, knowing the storm was coming.  My hubby went outside to investigate the weather situation as evening started to fall, and the next thing I know he comes inside and has already salted both ours & our neighbor's driveways…  Ummmm wait a minute.  This isn't Brad's good deeds, is it?  Haha.  But you know what?  I guess that works.  Get others involved with your good deeds, because that's good too.
47. feb 16. make an effort to mend a rift in a friendship » by actually sitting down and talking- not over the phone or through text messaging… but face to face.  It will be hard.  Be honest.
48. feb 17. volunteer » especially when it's for a great cause (and very near and dear to my heart).  There are so many wonderful people helping Weimaraners out there.  Heartland Weimaraner Rescue is one such group.  I've donated to another Weim Rescue in the past, but I've decided it's time to do more, especially here locally.  I have time and skills worth contributing.  And you know what's great?  Just as soon as I put myself out there, someone contacted me needing help.  Would you be interested in designing our St. Patty's Day Parade tee?  You betcha.  The marketing coordinator suggested that maybe since the parade falls on March 14th, we could base the design on the number of Pi.  I got to work, and this is what I came up with.  Weimaraners, easy as Pi… get it?

49. feb 18. be understanding and truthful » The quiet and heartbreak in my life still continue…  I struggle with this new normal daily.  I want to reach out.  I want to help other furbabies.  But I am having such a terrible time…  In addition to losing our light, we went from a family of three to an empty nest.  It's no joke people.  I never REALLY understood the enormity of the situation prior to experiencing it ourselves…  We've been in contact with a few Rescues, hoping to welcome a new addition to our family when the time is right… which we are all too aware hasn't quite worked out for us in the past.  So for now, all we can do is be understanding with each other, truthful as we go through this process, and hopeful for the strength and the courage we so desperately need.


  1. You my friend are a bright light! You have more strength and courage than you know. The signs are there for you to open your heart to another furry friend! The furbaby that comes to your home has no idea how much love and sweetness is coming their way! Hugs my friend!

    1. you are the sweetest… thank you for always sharing your kind words with me.


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