Monday, August 15, 2011

sky's the limit...

3 weeks down only 49 more to go…
so this week's theme was "sky scenes" and we asked you all to join along

the lightning I miss so much since moving to Germany… 
Mahsa Adeli
Roger Hall
the perfect place for kicking back & reading your favorite book
Lisa Spinella
a little sky love
Serena Nicole Chapel
tornado alley's got a storm brewing
Emily Crawford
the occasional rainbow after the storm
Kamryn Jaroszewski
what a gorgeous place to pick a few wildflowers & have a picnic
Danielle Walker Woodard
the bustling city of Chicago's magnificent skyline
Linda Marie Latronica-Chenore
and a delightful countryside view of wide open spaces
Leah Palmer

and now, here's ours… 
I've been trying to get my "birds on a wire" pic for quite some time now, 
and was determined to make it happen this week… problem was, 
no birds on a wire.  But then yesterday… victory.  
Okay, well they're not technically "on" the wire, but I still love it!!  
Now, can you guess who is holding the camera in Laura's pic?  That's right, yours truly here… the funniest thing is that I had no clue she even snapped this photo!!  She's sneaky that one… 

thanks so much to everyone who participated, 
it was fun seeing all your interpretations!
join us next week for "inside my jewelry box"

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  1. So flattered to have been a part of this inspiring post in your wonderful blog.


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