Monday, January 24, 2011

ten random things about me:

it seems i have a love-hate relationship with my computer.  there are days it's all i see, and then there are days i refuse to allow myself to even sit down in front of it.  blogging seems so foreign to me, somehow impersonal.  but in this day and age, where it's all the rage, i find myself discovering new things.  finding inspiration.  and in not so sunny germany... well let's just say it's a breath of fresh air to find like-minded people, whether it be in life or in cyberspace.  so how to get this ball rolling??  i suppose i shall start off light with a few minor tidbits about me...  super exciting stuff, i know.  so please try to contain yourself.

one.  my dog is my favorite person
two.  green is my signature color
three.  socks need not match and should always be patterned
four.  i heart photography, graphics, architecture, & design
five.  chairs are a HUGE weakness
six.  i'm often seen with a cup of coffee in hand
seven.  i'm obsessed with flea markets
eight.  i am in love with europe
nine.  random should probably be my middle name, along with procrastination
ten.  i'm def a dot dot dot kind of girl


  1. i think i knew all this about you ... great start chica!

  2. And these things are what I dot dot dot love about you! Maybe I should start my blog up too, so that away when I move we can still be in each others heads, as crazy as they are :) lol

  3. I would love that!! that would be so much fun, and a great way to keep up to date on each other's lives when we can't catch up on the phone!!

  4. I'm so excited about this! Regular doses of nelouisms now:) You're going to do awesome lady!


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