Thursday, April 16, 2015

week 13

one good deed a day

an ongoing journal of a few good deeds throughout this year

85. apr 9. If you're thinking about donating money, ask a friend to contribute and increase the impact » skip your latte today (or just buy Heartland Weimaraner Rescue one too!!)  All donations will help- by providing heartworm prevention or helping pay for treatment for a weim in our foster care.  April is Heartworm Prevention Month.  Help save a life.  Giving $10 will supply one dog with prevention for an entire month!  And if you'd like to donate more, that would be wonderful as well!  We've had 4 weims come in this first quarter alone testing heartworm positive.  Their treatment can cost upwards of $800-$1000 dollars each.  Any amount helps!!  Please help spread the word by sharing this post (links below).  We really appreciate you for your support in helping these loving dogs!  Please Donate!
86. apr 10. wave hello at a four-way stop, yielding to the other person » easy peasy.
87. apr 11. accept a new friend's invitation an old friend's constant begging to come visit her » Hehehee… okay, in all fairness, this is a pretty accurate description… So after her latest plea: "please come see me!!"  We have decided to plan a girls trip and make it happen!  Sandy beaches here we come!
88. apr 12. set high expectations » This one was actually for myself… today is the Redbud Classic, and I'm participating in the 5K once again.  I really wanted to beat my previous records and push myself to run a little faster this year.  My GPS showed just below a 9 minute pace, which I was pretty excited about!  Definitely better than past runs… And when my race results were emailed to me, I finish 8th out of 93 in my division (although it shows my official pace to be 9:06).  My finish time was 28:16, and I'm quite certain this is the fastest I've run it to date!
89. apr 13. do a little dance and be silly » Take me bowling… it will happen.
90. apr 14. watch the movie that your significant other wants to watch » And yes.  It was pretty terrible, haha.  Not to mention we forgot to return it, so now we are paying double for said movie!
91. apr 15.  return a long-overdue phone call » which of course leads to a fun game of phone tag!

my "giftcard" design for our local Rescue helping spread the word on heartworm prevention


  1. I love your gift card design for our heart worm fundraiser!

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! I loved making this one and was just a bit giddy with the final design :) Now if we could just keep promoting and raising more awareness…!


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