Wednesday, October 26, 2011

change is in the air...

 So I've been waiting and waiting, and then waiting some more… 
for those pretty fall colors to come out and play!!
 There's just something so perfect about that crisp clean fall air…

I recently had the pleasure of taking advantage of this gorgeous scenery
with a lovely family of four, soon to be expecting a new little one into their lives.
here's a teensy sneak peek from our time together… 

a sweet quiet moment sharing rocks and leaves and just a little dirt
love it that the joy is just beaming from their faces
she is seriously the sweetest… & her giggles will melt you
and this guy… he could tell stories with his eyes, and his lashes go on for days! 
like I said… m.e.l.t.
Have I mentioned that fall is my favorite??

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