Monday, October 3, 2011

balancing act...

For those of you who have been following regularly, you'll know that the hubby and I just recently had family in town.  And the best thing about them being abroad before coming here… was my delectable little surprise…  Let's just say they taunted me from that box, looking all lovely and mouth-watering, but I knew instantly that I wanted to photograph them for this week's challenge.  Which of course meant that when I heard them calling my name from the kitchen… well I couldn't very well eat the pretty ones.  Lucky for me there was one completely dipped in chocolate, which I convinced myself wouldn't photograph well… 

so here we are
week ten :: balance
me :: Laura
and it was hard… you really do have to balance them!  They kept falling, 
and one even fell on the floor, but don't you think for a second 
that will keep me from devouring it… five second rule!!

oh and the lovely Laura is having a giveaway too… so check it out!

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