Tuesday, February 2, 2016

52 in 2016: January

I don't seem to be amazing at finishing these little projects, but a certain someone twisted my arm.  So… I am attempting once again to accomplish a 52 week project.  (I mean, at least last time, we did actually make it over half-way…)  This time, there is a small group of us encouraging one another.  The categories have been pre-selected and focus on improvement in three areas:  portrait, landscape, & artistic.  Let's just say I wanted to quit before I started, because week one was self-portrait.  Seriously!?  But I managed to translate the idea in my head onto the screen of my camera, so I guess it wasn't a bust…  One month done.

week 1 - portrait: self-portrait
week 2 - landscape: traditional
week 3 - artistic: red

week 4 - portrait: headshot

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