Thursday, September 3, 2015

vanilla chai jax weekend

Well this post may be a bit behind schedule, but the title is pretty self explanatory… toes in the sand, South Jax Beach, & drinking vanilla chai lattes all day, right?  Uh huh- sounds like perfection.  Okay great, where do I sign up?  -Well that's exactly what a few of my college besties planned and made happen.  Now I won't bore you with all the girlie chit-chat and bracelet making that happened during our stay.  (Shopping?? Check out Rosie True!!)  Instead I'll just share a few pics of our weekend getaway that will be sure to make you jealous & will have you planning your next beach vacation in no time!  Ps. You MUST go to Lillie's Coffee Bar… TRUST ME.  You'll thank me later!!

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