Wednesday, October 1, 2014

hello october...

Oh beautiful, wonderful, happy October!  You are finally here, yippee!!!  I am loving the phrase October is my favorite color by the way… -no really, it's pretty dang appropriate.  Living in Oklahoma has its weather challenges… for instance, the summers here are just WAY too hot.  So as a friend put it, I do lovingly look forward to the "ber" months the most.  But I mean come on Oklahoma, 90s in September?  It's gross.  Can we just get past this already?  Because fall is just that pretty time of year when I like to hop on my pumpkin obsession train, and deck out my home in all those gorgeous autumn colors, and let's face it… I am SO ready.  (side note: people may get confused when they come over in summer, because I tend to prefer these warmer, richer hues year round! -minus the pumpkins, I suppose)  Another fun fact I've recently learned… when it comes to fall, I've discovered I'm a basic white girl, and honestly… you guessed it, I'm perfectly okay with that.  Here's just a few of my favorite things that point out specifically why:
well basically anything pumpkin spice
plaid flannels & leggings & chunky knit scarves
black friday shopping

So hello, October.  Glad you are back.  You are my very favorite.  


  1. Looks like October was made for you. Love that I can actually read your blog outside of the iphone. You've done a great job, looks really nice!

    1. thanks Darren! this month kicks off my happy place :)


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