Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I can't wait!!

okay, seriously… this seems to be my favorite phrase lately.
here's just a few reasons I CAN'T WAIT to move back stateside…
  • internet speed that is lightning fast
  • my friends & family & the wonderful support they provide
  • stores that are open 24/7
  • Ted's Cafe Escondido (my Oklahoma peeps will appreciate this one)
  • endless food & restaurant variety
  • a little thing called shopping heaven
  • having storage in my house & let's not forget to mention closets!!
  • the sound of rolling thunder (and maybe a little storm chasing…)
  • being a homeowner again
  • Target (isn't this everyone's?)
  • I'll be able to remember phone numbers again!!
  • cable television (seriously I may never leave my house again)
  • there's a store for literally everything
  • having a dog door
  • crushed ice
  • tinted car windows 
  • a REAL furniture store with items made of wood - not plastic or laminate
  • pay at the pump (this one may come close to the top of the list)
  • air conditioning
  • money bills that are all the same size (I mean really…)
  • mail & packages coming to my front door (super exciting stuff!!!)
  • a venti skinny cinnamon dolce latte with lite whip, mmmm… 
  • lean cuisine's sante fe rice & beans (I hope they never discontinue it!)
  • those pretty twinkling Christmas lights decorating trees & houses
  • good old Hobby Lobby
now that being said, I know I'll miss SO many things about Germany…
  • the autobahn & the fact that the left lane is used only for passing
  • Paris being two hours away
  • beer being cheaper on the menu than water 
  • my favorite flea market (a few tears are being shed over this one)
  • the gorgeous green, & forests that reach up to the heavens
  • the prettiest, most colorful window boxes I've ever seen!
  • festivals & Christmas markets (ooh & yummie glühwein!)
  • traveling Europe on a whim
  • minivans flying past me when I'm doing 100mph (it's pretty funny)
  • being able to take Grace with me pretty much everywhere
  • seeing those sweet older couples stroll hand in hand
  • fresh food markets & being able to walk to them
  • public transportation (haha, never thought this would be one)
  • seriously the best strawberries I've ever tasted from my corner vendor
  • how crazy they are about their soccer here
  • environmental respect & awareness
  • did I mention the autobahn?
  • sidewalk cafés
  • floor heating & the fact that heating can be controlled room by room
  • the wonderful fresh bread & bakeries located on every corner
  • my kickass basement
  • the way the doors & windows vent & open, not to mention rolladens
  • seeing cars pull boats & horse trailers… it's crazy!
  • German mustard, it's yummie delicious!!
  • roundabouts
oh & seeing things like this…  Garmisch, I love you.

So what did I miss?  What would you add to these lists?
Oh & did I mention our stateside move will be taking place TOMORROW?? Where did the time go?  It has definitely snuck up on us… so goodbye Germany, for now.
Auf Wiedersehen!!

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