Tuesday, September 6, 2011

same view, different eye...

so… since week six happened to be the week of our awesome little vacation adventure to the south of france, we thought why not do a series from our time there?  the idea being that even though we are both enjoying the same views, our eyes may not be seeing the exact same things in the exact same ways…   we had such a great time wandering about, and although some of our pics may have similarities, we also have a tendency to see things quite differently.

monday :: meze
tuesday :: la couvertoirade
wednesday :: clermont l'hérault
thursday :: saint-guilhem-le-désert
friday :: saint-sean-de-fos



as the days go by, I'll be adding more photos to my album, but for now, you can see my first round of edits from my time there here.  it was absolutely beautiful… 
I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed being there!

this week's theme… "there's no place like home"
would love for you to join in by posting your photos taken this week
feel free to post to either my facebook or laura's facebook wall.

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  1. Love your blog hun...so cute! Yesterday I received a Favorite blog award and today I am passing it on to you! Please go to my blog http://juliems3.blogspot.com/and read about it!


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