Monday, April 18, 2011

a sandy retreat...

It's no surprise that my hubby's job requires us to be apart alot.  However, I was able to get away with him recently.  We had a few short days together in the Netherlands, and honestly I've never seen so many people on bikes!!  Near our hotel was an interesting find, and I must say Grace loved her first time in the sand… 
so this was our little day at the "beach," minus the water… where we got to kick off our shoes, do a little exploring, & Grace even got to meet a few other pups.  The winds were perfect for kite flying, & although the day started out gray, it turned into a thing of beauty.  It's creating these moments… which I can look upon & cherish during the times that we can't always be together that I find most important.


  1. absolutely stunning ... quite possible my favourite nelou photos EVER ... there is nothing about these i don't love. seriously gorgeous!!

  2. laura!! this made my morning! thanks so much for the wonderful compliments. It really means alot to me coming from you :)

  3. I second Laura, completely. Love the warmth and the lines in the sand, and the first one, and, and, and.

  4. Gosh I LOVE how you put pictures together and the pictures themselves!
    ...and happy to see the pretty mama in town around here...hugs Laura {haven't forgotten about our meeting next week, let's talk lady ;) xo}

    Lovely to meet you Nelou :)


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