Friday, March 18, 2011

what are you worth?

We must always remember to value ourselves as artists.  And although we may all go about our pricing differently, I found this article to be a nice & simple way to start.

"You may have been trying to compete with mass-produced goods, or pricing your work at an amount that you could afford. Remember that handmade items have more value, and perhaps you should price for folks who have more disposable income than yourself. You are not always your target market. Your buyer is willing to pay more for something that comes straight from the hands of an artist. Price for them, not for everyone."

"Your incomparable voice is the culmination of your creative life:  your education, research, travel, dreams, personal experiences.  This is valuable, so give it value."

And afterall… if we don't value ourselves and our work, why should anyone else?


  1. So very true! I read that article before the holidays and evaluated my prices ... unfortunately I didn't have the nerve to raise my prices. I actually sell at under what my wholesale price should be. The hardest part for me is putting a price on my labor. I really need to re-evaluate. Thanks for the reminder!


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